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 What's the next step? 

When you call us, the representative that handles your area will be given your information, call you to discuss your particular needs, and determine how we can best help your situation. 

The first step in our service is to determine IF we can help you.  There is no charge for this step.

While we'd like to be able to help everyone, and will do any size project large or small, depending on where you are located, the economics are such that in some situations it isn't really feasible. 

You may be in a location that is too far away from our nearest office and the size of your job too small to perform the work without charging you excessive rates.  We are after all, looking out for your interests.  

Obviously the economics are also that if your job is a large one, we may be able to go outside of our normal area to help you.

lnsurance Losses

If you have had an insurance loss, we offer a fast-track service to getting your property back together as quickly as possible.  To be able to offer this service, as well as the other services we offer, time management is of utmost importance to us.

Your most important basis for making a decision about who to use to repair your property is the quality and credentials of the contractor, not pricing, since insurance rates are what they are, and the insurance company is only going to pay the going rate in an area.   

The "get three bids" mentality comes from the "old days" and is of little use in an insurance repair arena, since rates allowed by insurance companies are not conducive to a wide range of prices. 

If you get significantly different bids, it's not because of pricing, it's because of scope of work, what's being included or not, or because of the game-playing engaged in by some contractors, or incompetence in estimating and missing items as a result.

Therefore all the multiple bids are going to accomplish is to leave you even more confused and overwhelmed.

So we don't usually get involved with the old "three bids" game.  It's usually just a waste of everyone's time and resources.  We aren't the highest and we aren't the lowest.  We're in the middle.  However, we ARE the best.  

If you want us to do your work, we will immediately dispatch someone to your property to begin simplifying the process for you, and isn't THAT what you want?

Work Authorization

You will need to sign a work authorization form which authorizes us to begin work.  The work authorization allows us to beging working on your property, getting it secured, contents moved, roof covers put on,  or any other emergency work that's needed.

It does not commit you to any monetary amount, but rather stipulates that the amount will be determined and that it is to be agreed to by your insurance adjuster.  We will work out a settlement amount with your adjuster prior to beginning the actual work.  You will never be at risk for getting stuck paying more than what your insurance company will allow.

All you will ever have to pay out-of-pocket on an insurance loss is your deductible and any upgrades you may decide you want to make.

We do require that the deductible be paid prior to starting work, along with any additional amounts for upgrades.

If you have a mortgage company, we will also require a Privacy Act release form authorizing your mortgage company to communicate with us about your mortgage.  This is necessary because the insurance checks will likely require the mortgage company's endorsements, and to provide those, your mortgage company will require paperwork from us, lien releases, etc., and will need us to schedule inspections with them.

That's it!

From there, we also start our very detailed estimating process.  Your entire loss area will be measured and diagrammed, digital photos taken, and our experienced estimators will go through the structure and take detailed notes on exactly what the damages are, and what needs to be done in the way of repairs.

That information is then taken back to our office and input into our computers, and the estimate package is created.  The estimate package is then submitted to your insurance adjuster for review and preliminary approval. 

Once it's approved, we can electronically transmit the entire package to you, or give you a printed package, so that you have the complete, detailed scope of work.  Once you've reviewed and approved it, we begin work on your project.  Most large projects (over $10,000) require draw payments and one third or one fourth down prior to starting.

We also are your mortgage company coordinator, and will handle all draw and inspection requests that your mortgage company will require, and provide them with the paperwork they are going to need.

If you want to make any changes prior to the start of the work, that will be the time to do so.  Once materials are ordered and crews scheduled, we can't make changes in the scope without charging for them.  If your changes include upgrades, you simply pay the additional difference from what was allowed by your insurance company.

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