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It’s hard to know which direction to take when you’re under the stress of a sudden catastrophe or the major financial investment of a remodel or addition to your home. We are your go-to insurance repair specialist in Alabama and Florida.

  • Where do you turn?
  • Who do you trust?

Unfortunately there’s not much of a road map for us to use. But there are answers.

Let’s start with the basics.


Trust is the most important element in choosing who you want to have doing any type of work for you. The last thing you need to worry about is the integrity of a company that you’re depending on for advice, direction, and to whom you’re entrusting your property and money. No one can afford to waste money, or be taken advantage of by unlicensed contractors.

We have a standard of excellence and guaranteed customer satisfaction with all our work. We’re not finished with our work until you are happy. Period.

Safety in Numbers

One good indicator of how trustworthy a company is, is what company do they keep…or in some cases, which companies keep THEM?¬†Who else has already trusted the services of this company?

As you’re reviewing our services, you’ll realize that we’ve been scrutinized by some of the biggest and best companies in the world, and we’ve passed some very strict qualification standards in order to be on their direct repair programs.

These are, in some cases, worldwide companies with massive assets, resources, and reputations to protect. They have to be able to stand behind their recommendations to their clients, so they’re not about to recommend anything less than the best.

These companies have pre-screened and selected us to be in their programs. That speaks volumes more about the quality of our company than anything we can say about ourselves.

This pre-screening includes things you would never be able to do as an individual, like: conducting background checks of our employees, verifying our financial stability, digging into our satisfaction rating with customers.

This also includes things that you may not even think about (much less be able to do), like random drug testing, random inspection of the work performed at any time, including the accuracy and legitimacy of the estimates we write, and whether or not the work is performed as listed in our estimate.

Our company being a member of these programs is the best indicator you could have of who to trust, and that translates to less worrying for you. WE are your One-Stop Insurance Repair Specialist.

Not all contractors qualify for these programs, and predictably, the contractors that don’t, will tell people scary stories about the programs. Don’t listen to them.

Companies featured in most direct repair programs (like we are), are reputable, fair, accurate, and pay the appropriate rates for the area. If a contractor tells you scary stories, you should be afraid….very afraid….of that contractor.

We’re committed to customer satisfaction and providing excellent service. Our inclusion on the direct repair programs speaks volumes about this commitment. We’re not only obligated to the insurance companies to make sure that you’re happy, but also to stand behind our work to both you and them.

We offer a two-year warranty, double the one-year standard warranty you get with most builders or remodelers.

More safety for you is why we are your One-Stop Insurance Repair Specialist.

Beware of Game Players

“Desperate times breed desperate measures”, and predictably there are some contractors out there playing games with both insurance companies and property owners. So before you fall victim to these people, some words of caution:

It helps to know how the insurance claim process works, and what you are (and are not) going to get.

First, it’s not a good idea to try to “make money”, or “save money” on a claim. That’s because the insurance company owes only the cost of repairs and only a reasonable amount for those repairs: “reasonable” being the average cost for the work in your area.

Therefore, trying to submit an estimate to your insurance company that’s higher in cost than what you know you’re actually paying, constitutes insurance fraud, and you can go to jail for that. So, “saving money” by hiring a cheaper contractor, does not work. The insurance company owes only what it costs you for the repairs. If it costs you less, they owe you less.

Let’s say, for example, that they pay you $10,000, and don’t require you to furnish any receipts, and you can get it done for $8,500. You still run the risk of them auditing the claim at a later date, and when you cannot prove your cost of repairs, you’ll have to pay back the difference. Increasingly, insurance companies are watching their money more carefully; especially in tough times, when they know fraud usually spikes upward.

But some contractors out there will try to convince you to play these games. Be careful.

Other Tactics

Others use more deceptive pricing tactics, not bidding “apples to apples” with the other bids you are getting. They may also write artificially-low estimates by purposely leaving things out, planning to add those items in later once they get the job signed up…acting as if they accidentally missed something, or “didn’t know you wanted them to do that”.

They do this to come in under what they hope the insurance adjuster will allow, so that you’ll think you can “save money” on the claim….maybe enough to cover your deductible. That is another illegal move that could land you in serious trouble.

Or, in some instances, they know the adjuster will write a tight claim and that most other contractors will be higher. By offering a lower estimate, you may feel compelled to use their company. Call us before you do.

Our itemized estimates will help you keep everyone on the same page. Ask us for a blank scope, and then if you’re getting multiple bids, you can at least make sure everyone is bidding the same job.

Still others will stick to their low price, but cut corners on the work, using cheap materials or less-skilled, less-qualified, and possibly risky people to do their work, in order to still make their profit margins. The bottom line is that the cheapest is usually that way for a reason.

What you need to ask yourself is: “Do I really WANT the lowest bidder working on my property?” The uncomfortable feeling you get from that question is your answer… This is why we are your One-Stop Insurance Repair Specialist.

Don’t Gamble

If you’re the property owner or insurance company, gambling on someone like that means you’re likely going to get a poor quality job, pay more later, or both.

No Games

We don’t write estimates artificially low to romance the insurance company, or to lure property owners into signing with us, only to raise the price later. We write accurate and fair estimates of the work required.


We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and technologies in our work, both on the jobsite, and in our offices.

Our estimates are written with XACTIMATE, which is the “gold standard” of estimating software programs, containing highly-accurate pricing databases of what it costs to get a specific task accomplished in any given area of the country. The databases are constantly updated, giving you the most accurate, unbiased, and fair pricing on the market.

Gone are the days when a contractor eyeballs the job and writes out a one page “fix as required” type of estimate, guessing at the costs, and then doubling that for his profit.

Every one of our estimates is itemized and priced line-by-line, so you always know exactly what is included, and what is supposed to be done in each room or area, with an accurate price that is neither excessive, or too low.

If you’re looking for a contractor you can trust, one who operates professionally and will stand behind their work, you’ve come to the right place: K. Berger Construction, Inc., “The Claim Changer”!

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