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K. Berger Construction, Inc., “The Claim Changer”, provides Specialty Repair Services to residential and commercial properties in Alabama and the Panhandle of Florida. Regardless of the nature or cause of the loss, our professional Specialty Repair team provides hands-on expertise to ensure the smoothest and fastest path back to normal. In fact, we don’t just want to take things back to the way they were. We leave you with a space that is repaired and improved.

Our commitment to excellence also means we provide the specialty repair services necessary to minimize physical damage and business interruptions. We value our customers and their time. We’ll work tirelessly to provide satisfaction with your Detailed Damage Repair Estimate.

We have experience as credible expert witnesses, as well as litigation experience with subrogation, defective construction and liability cases, and we can provide fair appraisals or mediation in disputes.

Mission Statement

As many as 90% of all insurance claims are underpaid.

We’re here to ensure homeowners’ property claims are being properly paid for all the damages incurred.

We leverage our 75+ years of combined experience to provide superior support to the insured. Our skilled and knowledgeable estimators make sure our clients get paid fairly for their losses.

Many insurance claims representatives have never worked in construction and do not know the process. This creates a flaw in the system by causing unnecessary delays and highly-underpaid claims.

We’re proud to be known as “The Claim Changer”.

And when you hire us, you’ll get the peace of mind, attention to detail, and quality service that you deserve!

Our Vision

We want to be the only company that you turn to when you have a claim.

We take pride in helping property owners manage both their claims and repairs.

With all of the landmines in the claims industry, it can be difficult to navigate.

We’re here to guide you through the entire tricky process.


Our Story

In 2002, SRR (Specialty Repair & Remodeling) was formed in Mobile, Alabama. As time went on, the business grew and expanded into Dothan, Alabama, and Pensacola, Florida.

Kenny Berger grew up in construction with his father, who owned a commercial construction company and later formed an Insurance Restoration Company.

The corporation was sold many years later due to his father’s health.

Kenny became part owner of an A/C company. He then sold his portion, and a few years later opened his own construction restoration company, SRR (Specialty Repair & Remodeling). The business grew rapidly and he decided to expand.

During Hurricane Ivan in 2004; Kenny realized how many inexperienced insurance adjusters in the field were underpaying claims in excess of 80% to 150%. He decided to do something about it!

Since then, Kenny has helped countless happy clients settle their severely underpaid claims by being sure to meticulously prepare Detailed Damage Repair Estimates.

Our team at K. Berger Construction, Inc. is here to help you with any specialty repair or damage restoration services you may need.

Find out how we can help YOU!